The owner first knows how much time, energy, and work will build a business that is a great advantage. Benefits that can grow up to millions of years before work is hard and customer-defined.

But for three entrepreneurs, David Kurzmann, Luke Kurzmann, and Thomas Mark, it took less than four years to enhance the 8-digit business.

David Kurzmann and his brother, Luke worked with friends to develop the Best Women, sports and nutrition / nutrition company announced by women. Highly popular products, and average 1.3 million potential customers in social media each year.

How to arrange a business that is developing at a clear time? David Kurzmann has recently opened up what it takes to build an 8-digit business from the beginning.

Initial origin

The best woman is the idea of ​​David Kurzmann and Luke’s adhine. They are always willing to work, and the fitness company is the second business. The first is an organized sport and an online nutrition program where she works with a nutritionist who has the right to provide unique training and nutrition advice to customers.

When they work closely with men and women, they see deep: advice and clothes are often planned with people in their minds. There is no business that provides women with unique nutrition and sports products.

David and Luke began developing the Best Women in response to their apparent needs. At the launch of business in August 2015, the headquarters is located in a small one-room office in Innsbruck. People who create products, resource vendors, and collect feedbacks in small areas with only six staff members, including three.

“It’s full of success, challenges, surprises, and experience,” said David, remembering the earliest days of the best women. They use $ 10,000 given by their entrepreneur to start a business and invest wisely in order to keep things up. But the egg nest eggs do not have to support for a long time.

“Our customers are very impressed with our products,” he said. “We have more than 800 percent revenue growth over the first two years of operation.”

Solve the Challenge

In the second year, the brothers learned what to do. “We get more experience and make less mistakes because we learn from one,” he said. “But time continues, our challenges and dreams are increasing.”

He said he had a motivation to see many successes since the first few years of operation. When the challenges arrive, they can coordinate the course.

“We will find that your dreams should be larger than the challenges you can see if you want to solve,” David said.

Start Marketing

David describes the Top Women’s succession to aim for targets in a particular market and use the uniqueness to push for a strong marketing approach.

“Being unique, focused on quality, and creating a strong community for Best Women customers is a key strategy that contributes to success,” said Kurzmann. “We want to create a strong marketing platform that sells lifestyle not just selling products.”

Businesses that make unique products that have unique value, and social media and marketing creatives are clear.

Word-mouth marketing has an important role in improving marketing efforts. Because customers love their unique product and unique value, customers want to share and explore with their friends. Shortly afterwards, the Most Popular Women brand has spread like fires, and is now a women’s fitness name.

The Best Woman and the Future

Less than four years later, Best Women is a fast growing company. It was found in staff 40 assigned at the headquarters, and now represents eight figures. No one who says maximizing the business will expand this in the future.

Over the past year, Kurzmann reported growth and improvement in phenomenal business. “It’s a challenging year,” he said. “Better in terms of growth, customer satisfaction, and product development, is the most successful year.”



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